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Formula 1 Singapore 2012 – Post-race analysis

Yesterday’s Singapore Grand Prix was a striking example of 3 rules put in practice which we have described in earlier posts. The race was supposed to last for 61 laps but due to two safety car entrances the maximum 2 hours race limit was applied. The winner Sebastien Vettel crossed the finish line at lap 59. Also due to safety car

Formula 1 Team Orders – Are they allowed?

Formula 1 experienced in the past a lot of controversial moments when teams sometimes decided to issue orders for one of his pilots – although being fast and competitive on track – to let the other team driver overpass him due team interests, namely when the latter driver ‘needs’ the points to pursue the World Title and/or has

Cycling Bikes Evolution – How much faster are they now?

Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century. Historically, materials used in bicycles have followed a similar pattern as in aircraft, the goal being high strength and low weight. Since the late 1930s alloy steels have been used for frame and fork tubes in higher quality machines. In the 1980s aluminum alloy frames and other components became

António Félix da Costa – A Pilot on its way to Formula 1?

António Félix da Costa is a 21 year old Portuguese Pilot that started his career in 2000 in Junior Kart races. In 2007, after being vice-champion in the World Series Karting, António Félix da Costa reaches the King Category of Karting races – KF2 – and signs a contract with Tonykart – the world’s biggest Kart manufacturer – a team where

Nordic Combined – What is it and what are its origins?

The Nordic Combined is a sport composed of two events: ski jumping and cross country skiing. Until the 1950s, the cross country race was held first, followed by the ski jumping. This was reversed as the difference in the cross-country race tended to be too big to overcome in ski jumping. Although there are several

Soccer Pitch Lines and Marks – What are their names and purpose?

A soccer pitch has several lines and marks that have a specific purpose within the normal course of a match. The longer lines of the pitch’s rectangle are called ‘Touchlines’ and the shorter ones ‘Goal Lines’ (line that horizontally unites each corner flag) in the center of which ‘Goals’ are placed (each ‘Goal’ must have two ‘Posts’

Australian Football – In what it consists and what are its origins? (Post 1)

Australian Football is a contact sport in which players can tackle using their hands or their whole body to obstruct opponents. Frequent physical contests, spectacular marking, fast movement of both players and the ball and high scoring are the game’s main attributes. Australian football is also known as footy or Aussie rules and is a

Soccer Offside Rules – To which part of the striker’s body has the liner to watch out?

Accordingly to International Board Laws of the Game (Law 11 – Offside), the general rule for a player to be considered in an offside position is when he is nearer to his opponents’ goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent. There are situations in which this thumb rule is not applied (for example, as