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Biathlon’s Pursuit Event – What is it and what matters most?

Following our post on Biathlons´ Sprint Event we today describe the main characteristics of another event linked to it, the Pursuit Event. the Pursuit event the Biathlete’s starting order is determined accordingly to its Sprint’s event classification that was held previously. The first 60 biathletes classified in the sprint event are eligible to run in

Biathlon’s Sprint Event – What is it and what matters most?

Following our post on Biathlon’s origins and its main characteristics we depict today one of its events, the Sprint. The sprint event has a length of 10 Km (men) or 7.5 Km (women) and requires Biathletes to ski on a standalone basis against the clock (Biathletes depart with a 30 seconds interval between each other)

Athletics Shot Put and Hammer Throw – Why do women get almost as far as men?

The length of women’s shot put (22.63m) and hammer throw (79.42m) world records do not differ a lot from the ones achieved by men (respectively 23.12m and 86.74m). Are women getting closer to man in strength or something else explains it? The reason why this happens is because the devices used in women events weigh far less

Athletics False Starts – Are there exceptions to the Main Rule?

As previously posted (see “Athletics – False Starts“), since the beginning of 2010 any false start made by an athlete in a sprint event results in his/her immediate disqualification. However, in sprint races integrated in combined events, such as the men’s Decathlon and the women’s Heptathlon, the 2010 rule does not apply. In this type of events the