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Basketball 3 Pointers – Is it equal worldwide?

Basketball 3 Pointers – Is it equal worldwide?

Shooting for 3 points in official basketball games was only possible since the 1979 NBA’s (USA National Basketball Association) season. This regulatory body of basketball decided to grant 3 points for all field goals made beyond the three point line (without stepping it, even though the body of the player may surpass the line if he/she is

Athletics – False Starts

Before 2003, an athlete would only be disqualified from a sprint event (those having a distance not superior to 400 metres) if he/she had been sanctioned for two false starts. After 2003 IAAF’s rules changed allowing only for a false start of one athlete. After this false start, any athlete (even one having not infringed the

Formula 1 Speed Enhancers – KERS and DRS, what are they?

With the purpose of turning F1 races less dull and more competitive, the FIA allows the usage of two types of speed enhancers. The first one is KERS – Kinetic Energy Recovering System – which accummulates ‘lost’ energy generated mainly from braking on a battery pack (the same as regular hybrid cars do), flywheel or hidraulic system and

Athletics Javelin Throw Event – Why there is a ‘new’ and an ‘old’ world records?

While innovation progressed, biomechanic studies showed that former Javelin devices had special aerodynamics properties that enhanced the lenght of throws but also resulted in several ‘flat landing’ and complaints of athletes when the throw was considered invalid by the judges. In that era, the men’s javelin throw World Record reached 104.80 metres and was achieved

Formula 1 Tracks – Are there limits for a track lap distance and race duration?

No there is not any limit for a track lap distance (although the FIA recommends a maximum lap length of 7Km in its procedures for the approval of new F1 circuits), but, in any case, one single strait section can not exceed 2Km. However, race duration is timely capped. The race length is defined as