Biathlon – World Cup 1 Ostersund: Summary Results

The first round of Biathlon’s World Cup ended last December 2nd in Ostersund, Sweden, with two biathletes clearly outstanding from the rest of the pack.

In women, Norwegian Tora Berger won all the 3 events (Individual, Sprint and Pursuit) thus recording a total of 180 points in World Cup overall classification (60 points per victory), more 36 than Darya Domracheva from Belarus.

In men, French Biathlete Martin Fourcade (winner of last year’s World Cup global classification, won both the individual and pursuit event, although starting this last just in the 10th position (his classification in the sprint event). He now leads the World Cup standing with a total of 151 points (20 more than Norwegian Emil Egle Svendsen).

Biathlon’s Pursuit Event – What is it and what matters most?

The second World Cup stage will take place between next December 7th and 9th at Hochfilzen, Austria. Here are the schedule of the events, that will be broadcasted live in Eurosport International.

Date Start time Distance Discipline category  Time
07.12. 11:30 10 km Sprint Men CET
07.12. 14:30 7.5 km Sprint Women CET
08.12. 12:45 12.5 km Pursuit Men CET
08.12. 15:00 10 km Pursuit Women CET
09.12. 11:15 4×7.5 km Relay Men CET
09.12. 14:30 4×6 km Relay Women CET

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