Biathlon World Cup 4 – Oberhof Race Calendar

The 4th stage of 2012/2013 Biathlon’s World Cup starts today in Oberhof, Germany, with the women’s relay.

Men´s relay will follow tomorrow.

Biathlon Relays – How it works in terms of shooting?

 The full Oberhof’s race schedule is the following (time in CET):

Date Start time Distance Discipline Category  
03.01. 17:30 4×6 km Relay Women Start List / Results
04.01. 17:30 4×7.5 km Relay Men Start List / Results
05.01. 14:30 7.5 km Sprint Women Start List / Results
05.01. 17:45 10 km Sprint Men Start List / Results
06.01. 13:10 10 km Pursuit Women Start List / Results
06.01. 15:35 12.5 km Pursuit Men Start List / Results

The women and men sprint and pursuit will take place during the weekend.

In men, current World Cup Leader Martin Fourcade will be one of the favorites together with Norwegian Emil Egle Svendsen.

Biathlon World Cup 3 Pokljuka – Men’s Pursuit: Svendsen Wins the Hunting Game!

Slovenian Jakov Fak also presented himself in top shape in this season’s beginning and should not be disregarded specially form the sprint event.

Biathlon – World Cup 3 Men’s Sprint: Jakov Fak Again!

In women Tora Berger showed she is still in top form after winning the last event,

Biathlon World Cup 3 Pokljuka – Women’s Mass Start: Berger Regains her Form!

and she will probably fight for victory against Darya Domracheva (absent from the last sprint and pursuit due to a flu), Gabriela Soukolova,

Biathlon World Cup 3 Women’s Sprint: Gabriela Soukalova Wins!

and Miriam Gossner.

Biathlon World Cup 3 Pokljuka – Women’s Pursuit: Gossner Rules, Germany!

We will post the race results and analysis, starting with today’s relay, as soon as they finish.

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