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Soccer – Brazil 2014 World Cup Already had a Mascot, Now the Mascot has a Name!

Soccer – Brazil 2014 World Cup Already had a Mascot, Now the Mascot has a Name!

The next Football World Cup will be held in Brazil in 2014 between June 12th and July 13th. As in every World Cup, the competition mascot is an icon normally associated with local nature and/or culture. The Brazil 2014 Mascot was already chosen last September 16th and now its name was yesterday known through public

Soccer – Probably the best far ever Bicycle Goal

Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored yesterday, against England, what is probably the best and long bicycle goal ever. The kick was taken at almost 30 metres from the goal and in a very difficult angle, but all made in an intentional way as you may see it. Sweden won the game 4-2 and Ibrahimovic scored all the

Soccer Pitch Lines and Marks – The Penalty Area

The penalty area  is formed by the goal-line and lines extending from it. Its lines start 16.5 metres from the goalposts and extend a further 16.5 metres into the pitch (therefore forming a box). The penalty area serves for several purposes. The most relevant are to mark the pitch range where the Goalkeeper may handle the ball

Soccer Goal’s Line Technology – What is it and how will it work?

Fifa just announced today that has signed license agreements with two companies that will test the use of Goal’s line technology, which will be used for the first time in the next World Clubs Competition in Japan that will be held between next December 6th and 16th. The two technology providers – Hawk eye (similar

Soccer – UEFA’s Team Ranking: A Calculation to define Top Seed Clubs

UEFA’s  team rankings are determined accordingly to the performance of each individual team in the Champions League and Europa League having as reference the last five years. Team Ranking is important since it defines top seeded clubs in each draw, thus granting higher graded teams the privilege not to play with stronger pairs in early stages of competitions. In each Champions League and Europa League game

FIFA’s National Soccer Teams Ranking: How does it work?

The FIFA’s men’s world ranking aims at creating a dynamic hierarchy of each country’s national team with the purpose of knowing in a rollover period (in general, the ranking is recalculated on a monthly basis) which teams are stronger. Contrary to UEFA’s, this ranking does not bind FIFA to seed clubs in a World Cup draw

Soccer’s Pitch Lines and Marks – The Centre Circle

In a previous post we have started depicting the characteristics of soccer’s pitch lines and marks and provided information about the Penalty Arc’s purpose. Today we focus our attention on the Centre Circle. As you may all know this circumference has the legal purpose of keeping all the players within a reasonable distance (outside the circle) from the