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Formula 1 World Champ 2012 – Vettel or Alonso? What are the odds?

Formula 1 World Champ 2012 – Vettel or Alonso? What are the odds?

]The 2012 Formula 1 season will come to an end next Sunday with the race to be held at São Paulo, Brazil, at 16:00 GMT. The fight for world champion is still open between Vettel and Alonso, but the odds favour the german. Let’s see: – Vettel will become champion if he finishes in a podium

Formula 1 – Race 100 for Vettel In Austin, Texas 2012: Check his amazing Records!!! (Update)

Contrary to our predictions Vettel did no manage to reach the title in Austin, Texas, last weekend. We therefore, update our earlier post accordingly to his 2nd place. Vettel made is F1 debut in 2007 racing for Sauber as a substitute driver of the team regular pilot Robert Kubica and ended the race inside points (8th). It only took

Formula 1 – 2013 Race calendar

FIA has recently released the calendar for the 2013 Formula 1 season. The season will have 20 races as in 2012, but the European Grand Prix in Valencia was left out and provisionally replaced by another US Grand Prix (New York).     The FIA’s calendar in full: 17/03 Grand Prix of Australia 24/03 Grand Prix of Malaysia 14/04

Formula 1 – The Pit lane

The track section in-between the first safety car line and the beginning of the pit lane is known as the pit entry, while the section of track between the end of the pit lane and the Safety car’s second line is called the pit exit. The pit lane comprises two lanes. The first is the one

Formula 1 – Pit lane and Penalties

Stewards have the power to impose several penalties on a driver if he commits an offence during a race. Offences include jumping the start, causing an avoidable accident, unfairly blocking another driver, impeding another driver when being lapped or speeding in the pit lane. Except during the race, any driver who exceeds the limit will