FIFA’s 2012 Ballon d’Or and Best Coach: Our Predictions

We are running two polls on our website to survey our readers sentiment about next January 7th FIFA awards for 2012 best world player (FIFA’s Ballon d’Or) and coach.

FIFA’s Ballon d’Or 2012 – Who will win? Vote on our Poll!

FIFA’s 2012 Best Coach – Who will win? Vote on our Poll!

The current results go along with our previsions on who will probably win.

We believe Messi and Mourinho will take the trophies home.

Messi has registered an amazing 2012 and although Cristiano Ronaldo also did a great job in 2012 and won the Spanish ‘La Liga’ with Real Madrid we believe he will be second once more.

With yesterday’s 2 goals against Cordoba in a match for the Spanish King’s Cup, Messi reached and outstanding register of 88 goals in official games in one year (Barcelona and Argentina) and reinforced is overcome over the previous record of German remarkable 1970’s striker, Gerd Muller (85 goals). If he wins, as we predict, Messi will be the first player ever to be awarded this distinction 4 times (and in a row).

Best World Football Player Award – History, Facts and Figures

José Mourinho (winner of the first edition in 2010) should probably also take the award for best coach since he became last year the first coach in the world to have won the three major European Leagues (Premier League, Chelsea; Italian League, Inter Milan, and Spanish League, Real Madrid). Nonetheless, the competition will be tighter here, we believe, with Vicente del Bosque that took the Spanish team to another European title in 2012. Spain is the first nation ever to have collected consecutively two European titles and in between becoming also World Champion (2010). So this grants Del Bosque real possibilities of taking home a trophy he has not yet won.


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