FIFA’s Ballon d’Or and Best Coach – Closing our Polls: Check the Results and Our New Polls!

We launched a poll last December 4th to survey our readers on who they think would win the FIFA’s 2012 Ballon d’Or and best coach.

The ceremony will be held today at Zürich, Switzerland, commencing at 19:00 CET , and the winners will finally be unveiled.

Therefore we close today both polls and present you the results that are very much aligned with our predictions.

FIFA’s 2012 Ballon d’Or and Best Coach: Our Predictions

FIFA Ballon d’Or 2012 N.º Votes %
Lionel Messi 102 60,0%
Cristiano Ronaldo 62 36,5%
Andres Iniesta 6 3,5%
Total 170 100,0%
FIFA Best Coach 2012 N.º Votes %
José Mourinho 32 36,0%
Vicente del Bosque 31 34,8%
Pepe Guardiola 26 29,2%
Total 89 100,0%

We will launch today 2 new polls:

– One to query our readers who will win the 2013 NFL Super Bowl

– And the other to survey on who do you think will win the first Tennis Grand Slam of 2013 in Australia.

Please drop by and cast your vote. Your participation is very much welcomed.

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