Formula 1 Pilots – Is there a maximum age to be a driver?

After winning 7 times the Formula 1 drivers’ championship and beating almost each and every single record, Michael Shumacher left the circuits in 2006 in what seemed to be a definitive retirement from F1 tracks.

However, In 2010, with the age of 41 he decided that is running days were not over and the ‘need for speed’ made him come back to the tracks. Have you ever wondered if there is an age limit to be eligible as a F1 driver? The answer is…No!

However, among others, pilots must undergo and pass a battery of medical exams in order to obtain/renew their FIA’s Super Licence which is needed to drive a F1 car. For pilots aged above 45 those exams are more stringent. So be aware Michael, less than two years for the doctors to start annoying you if you decide to keep going.

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