NBA 2012/2013 Update – Who Would Enter the Playoffs if the Season Ended Today?

What if the Regular Season of the NBA ended Today?

As it is shown in the NBA official website the Playoffs would be aligned as follows:

“Eastern Conference Western Conference
(1) MIAMI (1H/2A) vs. (8) Boston
(Miami leads 1-0)
(2) NEW YORK (1H) vs. (7) Brooklyn
(New York leads 2-1)
(3) ATLANTA (1H/1A) vs. (6) Chicago
(Atlanta leads 1-0)
(4) INDIANA (2H) vs. (5) Milwaukee
(Milwaukee leads 2-0)
(1) LOS ANGELES (2H/1A) vs. (8) Portland
(Los Angeles leads 1-0)
(2) OKLAHOMA CITY (2H/2A) vs. (7) Denver
(Series tied 0-0)
(3) SAN ANTONIO (1H/1A) vs. (6) Houston
(San Antonio leads 2-0)
(4) MEMPHIS (1H/1A) vs. (5) Golden State
(Memphis leads 1-0)
Above records are for the season series between the two teams”
For now the team of the moment are the LA Clippers. They are on a winning streak of 15 games and have the better victory percentage (79.3%).
On the other side of the coin, Charlotte Bobcats from the Eastern Conference are on a losing streak of 16 games. When they started this disastrous streak they had 7 wins and 5 losses!
Curiously both teams are on the Hall of NBA’s worst records: The Clippers recorded 12-70 (14.6%) in the 1986/1987 season and the Bobcats 7-59 (10.6%) last season. These two records are, respectively the 3rd and worst winning percentages ever. Philadelphia 76ers have the 2nd worst record: 9-73 (11%) in 1972-1973.

Of course that the season is still going and until next April 17th a lot could happen!

NBA: 2012/2013 Season Update, Playoff Spot Rules & Facts And Figures

More than 50 games to be played by each team since this season is back to the normal 82 game format after last year’s Lockout that narrowed the regular season (only 66 games).

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