NFL 2012/2013 Divisional Playoffs – Who’s in and Our Predictions to Conference Championships

NFL 2012/2013 Wild card Playoffs were played this weekend (5th and 6th January 2013).

4 teams went through to the Divisional Playoffs: Texans, Packers, Ravens and Seahawks.

We get it right in our Saturday matches’ predictions (since Texans and Packers won), but failed in both Sunday games because Colts were trashed by Ravens and Redskins did not take advantage of playing as hosts (although they were leading the match when the 4th quarter commenced).

The Divisional Round Playoffs will be held next weekend (12th/13th January) between these 4 teams and the ones that got their byes directly to this Playoff stage: Falcons, 49ers, Patriots and Broncos

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 Saturday 12th two games will take place:

MATCH HOUR: 4:30 PM ET or 9:30 PM CET

Denver Broncos  will host Baltimore Ravens. The Broncos (13 wins and 3 losses) took advantage of the Texans’ final season’s weakness and became the highest seeded AFC team. During the regular season the Broncos just lost one match in their grounds (precisely against the Texans). Ravens (10-6) lost 4 of their 8 road games and in their other two defeats at home, one of them was…against Broncos (17-34). Although cruising easily over the Colts in the wild card phase, we believe the Ravens will be ‘caged’ by Broncos.

MATCH HOUR: 8:00 PM ET or 01:00 AM CET (Sunday already)

– Green Bay Packers (winners of NFC North Division, with 11-5) will visit San Francisco 49ers (who won the NFC West Division with 11-4-1). The Packers won easily over Vikings in the wild card playoff (24-10) but now the challenge is bigger and played away. The 49ers just lost one game (New York Giants) and tied another (St Louis Rams) in their field. This tie was the only one of all regular season matches. There was one game between Packers and 49ers.  The 49ers won away 30-22 in week 1 of the regular season. On the other hand Packers, lost 4 of their road matches. We think 49ers have discovered the key to beat Packers and that they will do it again.

Saturday 13th the other two games will put face to face:

MATCH HOUR: 1:00 PM ET or 06:00 PM CET

– Seattle Seahawks – runners-up of the NFC West Division behind the 49ers with 11-5 – have conquered their way to Divisional Playoffs by beating the Redskins yesterday (24-14). Counting this match and the final of the regular season. The Seahawks are on a 6 games winning streak games. The problem is they will have to play in Atlanta against the Falcons – the best and more regular team of the season – that won the NFC regular season (13-3) and lost just one game at home in the last week of the regular season against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Falcons already have clinched their bye and somehow rested their team to the Playoffs. On the other hand the Seahawks lost 5 of their 8 regular season road games. This match is probably the most unbalanced match of the Playoffs and Falcons should get their ‘prey’ easily.

MATCH HOUR: 4:30 PM ET or 9:30 PM CET

New England Patriots (runners-up of the AFC Conference, with 12-4) will host the Texans. The Texans were the best NFL team during most part of the regular season but they lost 3 (1 at home) of their 4 last games and lost also their ‘bye’ to the Divisional Round. However, in the wildcard playoffs they managed to beat the Bengals but in what was a rather tight win. The Patriots also had a 12-4 record in the regular season losing only 2 games home: Arizona Cardinals in week 4 and 49ers in week 16. Week 14 saw the only game between the Patriots and Texans, and Patriots trashed the Texans 42-14. We believe this match will be very tight though but in the end Patriots will move forward.

You may follow these 4 matches live on:

The NFC and AFC Championship title matches will be held next January 20th and decide who will play the Super Bowl.

If our previsions may prove to be right those games will oppose:

AFC: Broncos Vs Patriots

NFC: Falcons Vs 49ers

We will soon post our match predictions and today we will launch a new poll on who do you think will win the 2013 Super Bowl.

Stop by and give us your opinion.

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