Super Bowl 2013 – Our Poll Results 3 Days Before The Big Game!

We started a poll on who would win the Super Bowl just before the Wild Card Playoffs.

Since then more than 400 votes were casted.

Now that we are just 3 days before the big game, poll choices are narrowed to 49ers and Ravens.

Accordingly to our readers 49ers are in a better position to take the 2013 Super Bowl. This goes along with our predictions as well.

Super Bowl 2013 – Facts&Figures: San Francisco May Become The 2nd Team Winning 6 Times!!!

Till now we have 161 votes in, 102 for 49ers (63%) and 59 for Ravens (37%).

This imbalance on 49ers favour seems to go along as well with the odds of betting houses since all of them, with exception of one, pays less money for a 49ers’ win than for a Ravens’.

You can check live odds of 24 betting houses in the link below:

You can keep casting your votes till next February 3rd untill 5:30 PM ET or 10:30 PM CET.

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