Tennis Australian Open – Men’s Poll Results and Our Predictions

Now that the Australian Open is heading for the semifinals, we publish our Poll results and present our forecasts both for the semifinals line-up as well as for the Winner of the first 2013 Grand Slam.

Poll results till January 22nd 11: 00 AM CET:

Player N. Votes %
Federer 26 47,3%
Djokovic 15 27,3%
Murray 7 12,7%
Tsonga 3 5,5%
Ferrer 2 3,6%
Berdych 0 0,0%
Other 2 3,6%
Total 55 100,0%

We believe the semifinals will pair the best ranked: Djokovic – Ferrer; and Murray – Federer. However, we think Ferrer will have a very tight game with Almagro.

Djokovic is playing right now against Berdych and the match is tied 1-1 but Djokovic leads 5-0 on 3rd set.

The final will be probably between ATP N.º 1 (Djokovic) and 2 (Federer).

We bet on the Swiss, as our readers seem to do, to take his 5th Australian Open and 18th career Grand Slam.

If this final prediction proves to be correct it will be game n.º 29 between those 2. In the 28 games played till now Federer leads 15-13 but Djokovic has been stronger in more recent games.

Court Type Win Loss
Grass Court (Federer) 1 none
Grass Court (Djokovic) none 1
Clay Court (Federer ) 3 3
Clay Court (Djokovic) 3 3
Hard Court (Federer) 10 9
Hard Court (Djokovic ) 9 10
Indoor Hard Court (Federer) 1 1
Indoor Hard Court (Djokovic) 1 1

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