Women’s Biathlon Relay World Cup 4: Ukraine wins at…Germany, Oberhof!

Ukrainian ladies won the second women relay of the season with only 5 shots missed out of 45 and  no penalty loops.

Biathlon Relays – How it works in terms of shooting?

Twin sisters Valj and Vita Semerenko, as well as current World Cup’s Overall 10th placed Olena Pidhrushna, were decisive to this performance.

The Ukrainians were faster over the skis than France that got second 45:9 seconds behind (only 4 shots missed and no penalty loops).

Local team Germany got a somehow bitter 3rd place (8 shots missed and 2 penalty loops) almost 2 minutes behind Ukraine.

Norway (11 shots missed and 3 penalty loops) and Russia (11 shots missed and 2 penalty loops skied) – teams normally within the favorites to win – finished 4th and 5th respectively.

World Cup 4 in Oberhof goes on tomorrow with the 2nd men’s relay of the season as well.

The full calendar of this event can be checked at:

 Biathlon World Cup 4 – Oberhof Race Calendar

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  1. Nataliia said:

    I”M SO PROUD OF U, GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!

    awesome race, lots of emotions!!!! I’m so exited!)

    Ukraine rocks!

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