World Cup 4 Men’s Biathlon Relay: Russia Stronger Than Norway in Germany, Oberhof!

Russia won the second men relay of the season although missing 12 shots out of 52  (no penalty loops skied though).

Biathlon Relays – How it works in terms of shooting?

Norway (8 shots missed and 1 penalty loop) got second place 8.4 seconds behind  Russia.

Norwegian Superstar Ole Einar Bjoerndalen had a great and decisive performance in Norway’s run 2 recording 10 out of 10 shots without having to use any spare rounds and showed also an impressive ski speed.

He handled the relay to his teammate Erlend Bjoentegaard at run 3 with almost 26 seconds advantage after starting his course only in 9th place 34 seconds behind 1st place. 1 full minute recovered!!!

Super Athletes – Ole Einar Bjoerndalen

However, first Bjoentegaard – he lost 25 seconds and handled the relay to Emil Hegle Svendsen with just 1.5 seconds over Russia and after Emil Hegle Svendsen’s 3 missed shots in last round did not allow Norway to take the win.

3rd place  went to German and local team (9 shots missed and 1 penalty loop) almost 40 seconds behind Russia.

Current World Cup Leader Martin Fourcade’s France had a horrible performance (14 shots missed and 2 penalty loops)finishing only in 13th place more than 5 minutes behind Russia. Martin Fourcade was spared from the relay and his brother Simon took his place but wasn’t at his best shape.

World Cup 4 in Oberhof goes on during the weekend with both men and women sprint (Saturday) and pursuit (Sunday) events.

The full calendar of this event can be checked at:

Biathlon World Cup 4 – Oberhof Race Calendar


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