Biathlon World Cup 6 – Antholz-Anterselva Race Schedule and Our Predictions

World Cup 6 of Biathlon’s World Cup will take place in Antholz-Anterselva, Italy.

The 1st races will be the women (tomorrow) and men (Friday) sprint events.

The full race schedule is the following (times in CET):

Date Start time Distance Discipline Category  
17.01. 14:30 7.5 km Sprint Women Start List / Results
18.01. 14:30 10 km Sprint Men Start List / Results
19.01. 11:45 10 km Pursuit Women Start List / Results
19.01. 15:15 12.5 km Pursuit Men Start List / Results
20.01. 10:30 4×6 km Relay Women Start List / Results
20.01. 14:15 4×7.5 km Relay Men Start List / Results

Current World Cup leaders, Martin Fourcade and Tora Berger are of course favourites. They have won, respectively, 4 and 5 of the 12 events held till now. They also have other 4 and 3 podium finishes.

Emil Hegle Svendsen 75 points behind is another contender to be considered for top places but we bet in Dmitry Malyshko and Jakov Fak to win at least one event.

In women we bet in Miriam Gossner (2nd in World Cup 101 points behind) or Darya Domracheva to win the sprint race and also in Darya Domracheva and Tora Berger for the Pursuit.

You can follow the races through IBU’s live feed on:

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