Formula 1 Final Calendar for 2014

The F1 governing body just disclosed the definitive Formula 1 Final Calendar for 2014.

2 circuits were added comparing to the 2013 line up: Russia (Sochi’s new track) and Austria (A1 Ring, Red Bull’s HQ), and India was dropped out of the 2013’s list.

The full calendar for 2014 is the following:

16/03 Australia

30/03 Malaysia

06/04 Bahrain

20/04 China

11/05 Spain

25/05 Monaco

08/06 Canada

22/06 Austria

06/07 Great Britain

20/07 Germany

27/07 Hungary

24/08 Belgium

07/09 Italy

21/09 Singapore

05/10 Japan

12/10 Russia

02/11 United States

09/11 Brazil

23/11 Abu Dhabi

Don’t forget that 2014 will also mark a new era in F1 cars as we have posted before: Formula 1 Major Technical Changes for 2014 – Turbo Engines Back in 8 Gear Box Cars And KERS Loses Its K!

And also some relevant news about race scoring in 2014: The last season race will be worth twice the points!!!

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