Cristiano Ronaldo: 206 Goals in 204 Matches For Real Madrid Now Targets Hugo Sánchez

untitledWith his yesterday’s hat trick against Galatasaray, Cristiano Ronaldo reached an amazing mark of 206 goals in 204 official matches played wearing Real Madrid’s Jersey.

He is now just 2 goals behind the 5th ever Real Madrid’s goal scorer, striker Hugo Sánchez. Just wait 2 or 3 games and he surely pass him. Back in almost the end of the last season we marked his 192 goals mark in 192 games with a detailed post on all his goals, and with just two months of effective playing he added more 14 to his account.

Another great number he holds is having scored in 127 of the 204 games played, meaning that on average he scores at least a goal (many more several times) in 2 of 3 games played!

With the Portuguese National team he also recently scored a hat trick against Northern Ireland and became the 2nd best scorer ever (43 goals in 106 matches), just 4 goals behind former PSG’s Star Striker Pedro Pauleta.

Very soon, no doubts about that, we will turn the best scorer in his National team history, and we also bet that during this season he will pass another Real Madrid’s mythic player – Ferenc Puskás, that holds a total of 238 goals – and will then target in later seasons the Top 3 Real Madrid scorers: Santillana (290), Di Stéfano (308) and Raúl (323)

Impossible? Give him 2 or 3 more seasons in Madrid and we will then see.

In all his career as professional Ronaldo has played 525 official matches (clubs only), scored 330 goals and have assisted 106 times his teammates for a goal.

Rather impressive!

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