Athletics World Championships Prize Money: How Much For A World Record?

imagesCAOZ749EThe 2013 Athletics World Championship will start next Saturday, August 10th, in Moscow.

 IAAF Athletics World Championships 2013 – Race Calendar and Facts

More than 7 million US$ will be made available by the IAAF as prize money for athletes.

In Individual Events finals prize money are the following: Gold: US$ 60,000; Silver: US$ 30,000; Bronze: US$ 20,000; fourth place: US$ 15,000; fifth place: US$ 10,000; sixth place: US$ 6000; seventh place: US$ 5000; eighth place: US$ 4000

In Relays (prize per team): Gold: US$ 80,000; Silver: US$ 40,000; Bronze: US$ 20,000; fourth place: US$ 16,000; fifth place: US$ 12,000; sixth place: US$ 8000; seventh place: US$ 6000; eighth place: US$ 4000

Athletes that manage to break a World Record will receive 100.000 US$ offered by the championships’ sponsors (TDK and Toyota).

These prizes money and bonuses will only be paid if athletes manage to clear the usual anti-doping procedures.

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