Soccer Rules – Goal Kicks and Offside

Following our last post on offside rules we said that there are three situations in which a player may receive the ball from a teammate’s kick and no offside could be signaled even if he is the nearest player to the opponent’s team goal and is not standing in its team half pitch. We then identified two of them. The third one is the case where the player receives the ball from a goal kick either by the goalkeeper or other player of its team. One striking example of this rule applied in practice occured in 2010 World Cup where Germany’s Miroslav Klose scored against England after receiving the ball from his goalkeeper and being slightly ahead of England’s second defender. In fact, although coming up into the ball’s direction after it was kicked, in the moment of the pass the only England´s player ahead of Klose was the english goalkeeper. Germany won the match by 2-1.

The original question comes from here: Soccer – Offside Rules in Detail

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