Athletics Shot Put and Hammer Throw – Why do women get almost as far as men?

The length of women’s shot put (22.63m) and hammer throw (79.42m) world records do not differ a lot from the ones achieved by men (respectively 23.12m and 86.74m).

Are women getting closer to man in strength or something else explains it?

The reason why this happens is because the devices used in women events weigh far less than the ones used by man in those same events. In shot put, while women are required to handle a 4.000 Kg weight man are faced with 7.260 Kg. Curiously, the same happens in terms of the hammer´s weights for women and men and another similarity exists between these two events since the inside diameter of the launch circle must have in both cases 2.135m±5mm. So, almost equal world records but very different weight thrown.


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