NBA 2013 Grand Final Today: A Spur on the Heat or a Heated Spur?


imagesThe 2012/2013 NBA finals will be decided today (9:00 PM ET) or tomorrow (2:00 AM CET) if you are going to watch it in Europe or Asia.

The finals playoff is tied 3-3 after the last Tuesday’s thrilling game were Miami Heat made a fantastic comeback in the last quarter. Heat were 10 points behind Spurs in the 4th quarter commence and 5 points with just 28 seconds left. But a last ‘Heat run’ and several Spurs’ errors took the game to overtime and Miami ended winning by a 3 points margin (103-100).

LeBron James was the MVP scoring 18 of his 32 points in the 4th quarter and overtime. He also recorded 11 assists and 10 rebounds finishing with a  triple-double. But Ray Allen was decisive since he hit the 3-pointer that led the game to overtime and then two free throws during this period that allowed Heat to snatch the win.

The Heat – the team with the best winning stats during the regular stage (66-16, 80.5%) – will host the Spurs in what promises to be a great, great game. But the spurs had a better playoff run trashing almost every team they’ve played with (12 wins and only 2 losses) while Miami had more tight disputes (won 12 games and lost 7).

If the Spurs manage to take the title they will be the first team in 35 years to win an NBA Finals Game 7 on the road. Otherwise ‘The Heat’ will repeat last year’s title. In that year LeBron James received the MVP award both in the regular season as well as in the finals.

Miami has already won 2 NBA titles and the spurs 4 so the Spurs will continue to have a better record even if they lose today/tomorrow.

The general dominance of the NBA by LA Lakers (16 titles, 5 while seeded in Minneapolis in the early 1940/1950’s) and Boston Celtics (17 titles), has been challenged in the last two years, although these teams own half of the NBA’s titles and at least one of them has marked its presence in 40 of the 66 NBA finals. Celtics have the best winning streak ever: 8 consecutive titles between 1959 and 1966.


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