Soccer’s Pitch Lines and Marks – The Centre Circle

In a previous post we have started depicting the characteristics of soccer’s pitch lines and marks and provided information about the Penalty Arc’s purpose.

Today we focus our attention on the Centre Circle. As you may all know this circumference has the legal purpose of keeping all the players within a reasonable distance (outside the circle) from the two players that kick-off the game or restart it after a Goal has been scored. The centre circle is marked at 9.15 m from the centre spot, which means its diameter has a length of 18.30 metres. But this not the single purpose of the Centre Circle.

In games where the winner has to be decided by penalty shootouts the Centre Circle also marks the area within all players that have ended the game (with the exception of the two goalkeepers – the non defending goalkeeper must remain near the goal and outside the pitch on the left handside of the keeper who is going to defend a penalty – and the striker in charge of the penalty) must be located during the penalty shootout session, as you can see in the end of the attached video when Cristiano Ronaldo scores the decisive penalty against England in 2006 World Cup.

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