Tennis – Davis Cup: How are ATP points attributed? (Post 4)

From 2009 onwards, players participating in World Group or World Group play-off ties of Davis Cup will earn ATP ranking points, according to the rules below.

a) Accumulated points for all Davis Cup play over the preceding 52-week period will count as one result and form part of the ATP World Tour 500 category, the best of which count towards a player’s ranking.

b) ATP ranking points are awarded for performances in live rubbers. Points will not be awarded for dead rubbers.

c) Players who miss a round of ties (i.e. not among the four nominated players at the draw) will be awarded points based on the immediately preceding round.(For example, a player who doesn’t play the first round but plays the second round will earn 40 points for each singles match won in that second round).

d) Points will be added after every round of ties and deducted at the same stage the following year.

ATP points rules were explained in an earlier post that you can check below:

Tennis Rankings – The ATP Rankings and scoring ranking points in the Olympics and in the Davis Cup

As in other cup competitions tie is used in the Davis Cup to mean an elimination (or knockout) round, rather than meaning a draw or when competitors’ scores are equal. In the Davis Cup, the word rubber means an individual match. Thus, “tie” means a round, and “rubber” means a match.

The ITF Davis Cup Nations also has a ranking that measures the success of all nations participating in the competition over a ‘rolling’ four year period with recent performance weighted more heavily.

We will present this in our last post about the Davis Cup.


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