Biathlon World Championships 2013 – Nove Mesto Race Schedule

The next major Biathlon competition to be held will be the World Championships at Nove Mesto, Czech Republic.

Events will go on for 10 days with the following schedule (Times in CET). Current World Title Holders are shown in last column. Column before that allows for direct link to IBU’s website starting lists and results of each event.

Date Start time Distance Discipline Category   Title Holder
07.02. 17:30 2×6+2×7.5 km Relay Mixed Start List / Results Norway
09.02. 13:00 10 km Sprint Men Start List / Results Martin Fourcade
09.02. 16:15 7.5 km Sprint Women Start List / Results Magdalena Neuner
10.02. 13:00 12.5 km Pursuit Men Start List / Results Martin Fourcade
10.02. 16:15 10 km Pursuit Women Start List / Results Darya Domracheva
13.02. 17:15 15 km Individual Women Start List / Results Tora Berger
14.02. 17:15 20 km Individual Men Start List / Results Jakov Fak
15.02. 17:15 4×6 km Relay Women Start List / Results Germany
16.02. 15:15 4×7.5 km Relay Men Start List / Results Norway
17.02. 12:00 12.5 km Mass Start Women Start List / Results Martin Fourcade
17.02. 15:00 15 km Mass Start Men Start List / Results Tora Berger

With the exception of Magdalena Neuner that retired last season, all other holders will have the chance to defend their titles.

Current World Cup leaders Martin Fourcade (France) and Tora Berger (Norway) seem to be in pretty good shape to do so and extend even more their lead since World Championships points count for World Cup’s classification.

You can follow all Biathlon World Championships action live Through IBU’s feed on:

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