FIFA’s National Teams Ranking – New Top 10 Before Official Release Tomorrow!

imagesCAXVGLRTFIFA will update tomorrow its national teams country ranking, but upon using the simulator available on FIFA’s Website one can already know which will be the Top 10 countries in April 2013.

Before that you may want to recall how this ranking works.

The new ranking to be disclosed tomorrow will be the following:

Rank Country Points Change Since Previous Ranking
1 Spain 1538 =
2 Germany 1428 =
3 Argentina 1292 =
4 Croatia 1191 +5
5 Portugal 1163 +2
6 Colombia 1154 =
7 England 1135 -3
8 Italy 1117 -3
9 Netherlands 1093 -1
10 Ecuador 1056 +1

Top 3 remains the same.

Croatia and Portugal are the best moving up teams.

England and Italy are in spite the worst.

Ecuador Replaces Russia in Top 10.

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