Formula 1 – Pit lane and Refueling

Teams are free to alter their cars’ fuel loads at will during practice and qualifying, but due to repeated accidents and for the sake of safety, since and including the 2010 season refueling has been forbidden during races (No car may be refuelled after it has left the pit lane for the first time whilst the pit exit is open for the race).

Fuel may not also be removed from a car during a race.

During practice, refueling is only permitted in a team’s garage. The driver may remain in the car, but the engine must be stopped. All personnel working on the car must wear protective fire-resistant clothing and an assistant carrying a suitable fire extinguisher must be beside the car during refueling.

The car cannot be refuelled, nor fuel be removed from it, at a rate greater than 0.8 litres/second.

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