Formula 1 – Race 100 for Vettel In Austin, Texas 2012: Check his amazing Records!!! (Update)

Contrary to our predictions Vettel did no manage to reach the title in Austin, Texas, last weekend. We therefore, update our earlier post accordingly to his 2nd place.

Vettel made is F1 debut in 2007 racing for Sauber as a substitute driver of the team regular pilot Robert Kubica and ended the race inside points (8th).

It only took him 22 Grand Prix to reach his first F1 Victory,  in 2008, Italy, Monza, becoming the youngest Formula 1 driver to win a race. Notice that this was an outstanding performance since he was still running for Toro Rosso (Red Bull’s 2nd team) which was, and still is, a team of the second half of the F1 Pack.

He also became the Youngest F1 champion at the age of 23. This title was achieved in 2010 already racing for Red Bull. In 2011, he repeated the title, logically becoming also the youngest F1 twice consecutive World Champion. In this year he won 11 of the 19 Grand Prix leaving the runner-up at an amazing distance of 122 points.

Vettel may become  next weekend in Brasil the youngest F1 driver to reach three consecutive World Titles at the age of 25. If this happens he will join a restrict club of pilots with 3 World titles. This club includes Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet, Niki Lauda, Jackie Stewart and Jack Brabham. Better than these only Schumacher (7), Fangio (5) and Prost (4).

However, only two drivers - Schumacher and Fangio – managed to win 3 Titles in a row as Vettel can also do.

At his 100th Grand Prix mark, Vettel recorded 26 race wins. He has 19 other podium finishes: Twelve 2nd places and 8 thirds, this means, roughly, that in 50% of the races he entered into he finished in a podium place.

These records become even more outstanding if we consider only the races after and including his first win (a few races after he moved to Red Bull). In this 78 races, 46 podium finishes means that in two-thirds of them he finished inside a podium place. In the remaining 22 races after his first win he registered 9 DNF (abandoned race), and in the other 13 he only finished 4 times outside points.

Furthermore, Vettel started from pole position 37 times.

Altogether this impressive records already grant him an everlasting place of Formula 1 hall of fame.

Check the video below: Human side and lots of fun with Vettel at Top Gear TV show. See also how he handles a regular car.

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