Formula 1 – 2012 Season Statistics: 23 500 Tyres Used, 957 Pit Stops and much more!

Now that the 2012 season is finished and Vettel was crowned champion,

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we present you some interesting statistics exactly has they were posted in, while our Post’s image has other numbers worthwhile looking at:

The total numbers of tyres used in 2012 was 23,500 (21,400 dry tyres and 2,100 wet tyres), all of which were then recycled.

The average life span of a dry-compound tyre in 2012 was 180km , while the average life span of a wet compound was 140km.

The most challenging corners of 2012 from a tyre point of view were India’s turns 10 and 11. The longest continuous energy input into a tyre was recorded in these corners.

Sauber’s Kamui Kobayashi did the most laps on Pirelli’s hard tyre in 2012 (798); Williams’ Bruno Senna did the most on the medium compound (869); Toro Rosso’s Daniel Ricciardo the most on the soft (1,012); and Lotus’s Kimi Raikkonen the most on the super soft (237). Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso completed the most laps on intermediates (145), whilst Kobayashi did the most on wets (104).

The soft-compound tyre was used for the most kilometres over the 2012 season: 123,270 in races and tests. The medium compound was used for 121,840km, the hard for 101,692km, the super soft for 21,993km, intermediates for 13,770km and wet-weather tyres for just 7,930km.

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton reached the highest average speed on Pirelli tyres this season – 248.241km/h in qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix. At the other end of the scale, Michael Schumacher’s Mercedes averaged just 161.828km/h to set the fastest time in qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix.

There were 957 pit stops in 2012 (of which 14 were drive-through penalties and two stop-go penalties).

The average number of pit stops per race in 2012 was 47.9, an average of 1.9 per driver.

The Malaysian Grand Prix featured the most pit stops (76) whilst the United States Grand Prix featured the fewest (24).

Pirelli’s tyre fitters took 124 air and track temperature measurements every race weekend in 2012 with the coldest track temperature during a session recorded in the United States (11 degrees Celsius) and the hottest track temperature recorded a week later in Brazil (55 degrees Celsius).

The highest ambient temperature during a session in 2012 was recorded at the European Grand Prix (37 degrees Celsius) and the coolest ambient temperature was at the United States Grand Prix (4 degrees Celsius). Still, at least it wasn’t as cold in the United States as it was in Jerez for winter testing where the temperature dipped to -2 degrees Celsius during one particularly chilly session.

13 different drivers and 8 different constructors led at least one lap in 2012. For the drivers, Sebastian Vettel led the most laps (368) from Lewis Hamilton (229) and Fernando Alonso (216). For the constructors, Red Bull led the most (434) from McLaren (365) and Ferrari (217).

Not only did Kimi Raikkonen finish every race in 2012, he also completed the most racing laps: 1,191. Ironically his Lotus teammates, Romain Grosjean and Jerome D’Ambrosio, registered the fewest (803 and 53 respectively).

Lewis Hamilton started on the front row 11 times, three times more than Sebastian Vettel who had the second most front-row starts. Hamilton also outscored Vettel 7-6 in pole positions.

Constructors’ champions Red Bull completed the most race laps (2,293) in 2012, bottom-ranked team HRT completed the fewest (1825).”

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