Formula 1 – European Pilots Rule Total of World Titles and Germany Gets Closer to UK

Just around two thirds of all Formula 1 World Champions were or are European drivers.

United Kingdom still leads the way with 14 world titles (obtained by 10 different drivers), but Germany is closing the gap due to the best ever mark of Michael Schumacher (7 world titles) and the 4 recent ones of Vettel’s.

Other 5 European countries (Austria, Finland and France all with 4, Italy -3, Spain -2 (both Alonso’s) ) complete the remaining 17 of 41 European drivers’ titles in Formula 1. The first champion was Giuseppe Farina of Italy in 1950.

The Americas have collected a total of 16 world titles, 8 of them belonging to brazilian drivers (Emerson Fittipaldi 2 and Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna both with 3). Other 5 came from the very early beginnings of F1 with Argentinian Juan Manuel Fangio grabbing five world titles in the 1950s, the last in 1957 at the age of 46 made and makes him, in contrast to Vettel that was the youngest, the oldest driver to become world champion. The remaining 3 belong to USA (2) and Canadian drivers.

But two other continents also have their names in the hall of fame of F1. Oceania, mainly due to Australian Sir Jack Brabham 3 titles collects 5 world titles and Africa 1 by the skilled driving hands of South African Jody Sheckter (1979, with a Ferrari).

In what respects Constructors and Engines Ferrari still leads the way with 15 world titles in both, respectively tree and two more than Mclaren (12) and Ford (13).

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