Formula 1 – Starting the race from the pit lane


Any driver that is required to start the race from the pit lane (for example due to a failure that not allows him to form on the grid in the stipulated time) may not drive his car from his team designated garage area until the 15 minute signal has been given and must stop in a line in the fast lane.

Under these circumstances working in the fast lane will be permitted but any such work is, accordingly to FIA’s regulation, restricted to :


– Starting the engine and any directly associated preparation.
– The fitting or removal of permitted cooling and heating devices.
– Changes made for driver comfort.
– Changing wheels.

However, no work may be carried out in the fast lane if it is likely to endanger other cars attempting to leave the pit lane.

When cars are permitted to leave the pit lane they must do so in the order that was established in the race protocol rules, unless another car is unduly delayed. At all times drivers must follow the directions of the marshals.

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