Formula 1 World Champ 2012 – Vettel or Alonso? What are the odds?

]The 2012 Formula 1 season will come to an end next Sunday with the race to be held at São Paulo, Brazil, at 16:00 GMT.

The fight for world champion is still open between Vettel and Alonso, but the odds favour the german. Let’s see:

– Vettel will become champion if he finishes in a podium place, no matter what Alonso does.

– Vettel will be also champion no matter his final position if Alonso does not finish the race.

– To be  Champion Alonso needs to win or get 2nd or 3rd place, but:

   – If he wins, Vettel has to finish 4th or worst (including abandoning or being disqualified from the race-DNF).

   – If Alonso gets 2nd, Vettel has to finish 8th or worst (including DNF).

   – If Alonso is 3rd then for him to be champion Vettel must be 10th or worst (including DNF).

 So, apart from a possible Vettel’s DNF, the odds are pretty much in favor of the german.

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Do not forget that in case of a total points’ tie the champion will be the driver with most races won, which will be Vettel even in Alonso wins in Brazil.

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