List of Marathon Certified Courses: Only Some Are Eligble for A World Record

300px-JonescountersFor a world record to be considered as such by the IAAF, the marathon course must have 42.195 km measured using the ‘calibrated bicycle method’, which consists in fitting a Jones Counter (see post’s image) between the left fork leg and the front wheel of a bicycle which counts the revolutions of the wheel and ridding such bike through the course, after several fine tuning and calibration, in order to properly measure it.

The other criteria impose that:

a) a course’s start and finish points measured along a theoretical straight line between them shall not be further apart than 50% of the race distance.

b) The decrease in elevation between the start and finish shall not exceed an average one meter per km.

The list of certified Marathons that meet these criteria, as since last May 1st 2013, as well as the Russia’s 2013 World Championships Marathon Course can be checked on:

 The 2013 World Championships’ Marathon will be held tomorrow (Saturday, August 17th) at 13:30 CET.

Marathon favourites are among Ethiopian and Kenyan Athletes, such as Lelisa Desisa (Eth), Tsegaye Kedebe (Eth), Michael Kipyego (Ken), and Wilson Kipsang (Ken), with Uganda’s Sthepen Kiprotich also on the run for medals. The current World Record holder – Patrik Makau (Ken) with 2:03:38 (Berlin Marathon) will be out of the starting list. Defending champion – Abel Kirui also from Kenia – will be out as well.

Two other thrilling events remaining will be the men’s 200m and 4×100 relay, both with the presence of Usain Bolt.

The 200m final will also take place tomorrow (Saturday, August 17th) at 18:10 CET, while the 4×100 m relay will close the championships (Sunday, August 18th, 15:40 CET).

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We believe Bolt and Jamaica will take gold in both, but no world record will be achieved,

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specially if wind conditions remain adverse as they have been, as well as due to the absence of the 2nd fastest man of the world – Yohan Blake (9.69 in 100m) –  in the 4×100 relay Jamaica’s Team.

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