NFL 2013/2014 Full Calendar and Game Rules

untitledThe American Football National League (NFL) regular season started last September 5th with current Super Bowl holders Ravens losing to Broncos (27-49). Week 2 will close today at 08:40 PM ET or 01:40 AM CET with Bengals hosting Steelers.

The full calendar for the regular season that will continue until November 28th – including game’s schedule – can be checked on NFL’s Website in:

The Playoffs will be held between January 4-19th 2014 to decide the 2 teams that will enter the 47th Super Bowl.

Access rules to Playoffs were posted by us before and they stay valid for this season.

The Super Bowl will take place February 2nd, 2014 in New Orleans, home of the ‘Saints’ that won the 2 games they’ve played till now.

In the meanwhile you may want to recall the origins of the game,

American Football – In what it consists and what are its origins?

and how touchdowns can be scored!

American Football – Touchdown!


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