NFL Conference Championships and Super Bowl: Updated Poll Results and Our Predictions

Just 10 days have passed since we launched a poll to survey our readers on who they think will win this year’s Super Bowl.

Till now more than 300 votes were casted, counting the ones we thrown out after 4 teams were eliminated in last week’s Divisional Round Playoffs.

At this moment we have 204 valid votes on the 4 teams that still have Super Bowl winning hopes.

Our poll results are aligned with our previous predictions:

  N.º Votes %
Patriots 81 39,7%
49ers 62 30,4%
Ravens 37 18,1%
Falcons 24 11,8%
Total 204 100,0%

NFL 2013 Super Bowl – Falcons Flew Higher Than Seahawks! See our Revised Poll And Predictions!


AFC Champion will be New England Patriots.

NFC Championship will go to San Francisco 49ers.

Super Bowl will be for Patriots!

We will have to wait and see.

The Conference Champions are scheduled for next Sunday, January 20th, as follows:

Ravens – Patriots: 3:00 PM ET or 8:00 PM CET

49ers – Falcons: 6:30 PM ET or 1:30 AM CET (Monday already)

Till then you are kindly invited to continue casting your votes.

We will update our Poll after Conference Championships are over, leaving the two remaining teams open for vote.

Before the Super Bowl – to be held next February 3rd – the Pro Bowl will take place next January 27th (5:00 PM ET or 10:00 PM CET). You can follow the live scoring in NFL’s website on:

Don’t miss it the Pro Bowl is a sort of all star game that puts face to face two teams composed od the best players of the AFC team and another of the NFC (with the exception of players yet involved in Conference Championships).

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