Super Bowl 2013 – Facts&Figures: San Francisco May Become The 2nd Team Winning 6 Times!!!

Super Bowl 2013 will take place next Sunday (06:30 PM ET or 11:30 PM CET) in New Orleans’ Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

The game will oppose San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens. Both teams already played a Super Bowl and never lost!  True? Yes indeed, even though Baltimore, not Ravens, but Colts (now Indianapolis) lost Super Bowl III back in 1969.

So no matter what the result one of the teams will feel the taste of defeat in a Super Bowl. See our predictions in the link below as well as cast your vote in the poll we are running.

AFC Championship Final – Ravens Are AFC Champions And Super Bowl Contenders!!!

The Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV on 2001 against (yet) current holders New York Giants. Back then Ravens smashed Giants 34-7.

49ers records are much more impressive. They already have 5 Super Bowl Trophies: XVI (1982), XIX (1985), XXIII (1989), XXIV (1990) and XXIX (1995). Only Dallas Cowboys (5) and Pittsburgh Steelers (6) have an equal or better record.

If the 49ers win Super Bowl XLVII they will join Pittsburgh as the teams with most Super Bowl wins. Curiously, both teams will take part of the NFL International Series in the end of this year in London.

American Football in England? Yes, at Wembley Stadium, NFL International Series!!!

San Francisco also hold several interesting Super Bowl Records:

– Alongside Dallas, Green Bay, Miami, Denver, New England and Pittsburgh, they are the only teams to have won the Super Bowl twice in a row.

– They are the team that scored more points (55) in a Super Bowl (XXIV).

– Super Bowl (XXIV), 49ers against Denver, was the one in which most touchdowns were scored by a team (8) and the victory margin was bigger (45 points, from a 55-10 score).

–  Super Bowl (XXIX), 49ers against San Diego, was the one in which most points were scored by both teams (75, out of a result of 49-26 to 49ers), as well as most touchdowns (10, 7 for San Francisco and 3 for San Diego).

–  In Both Super Bowl XXIV and XXIX 49ers have the record (7) of Most (One-Point) Points After Touchdown.

You can find these and other very other interesting stats in:

An then you may answer the question: Was there any Super Bowl edition in which no Touchdowns were scored?

American Football – Touchdown!

Some say that 1972 was a year of bad crop in Dallas and Miami…

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