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Biathlon World Cup 3 Pokljuka – Women’s Mass Start: Berger Regains her Form!

Biathlon World Cup 3 Pokljuka – Women’s Mass Start: Berger Regains her Form!

Under heavy fog that made shooting rather hard, Biathlon’ s World Cup 3 came to an end a few minutes ago in Pokljuka, Slovenia with the women’s Mass Start race. Biathlon’s Mass Start Event – What is it and what matters most? Word Cup overall leader – Tora Berger – won the race although missing 2 shots


Biathlon World Cup 3 Pokljuka – Men’s Pursuit: Svendsen Wins the Hunting Game!

Round 3 of men’s Pursuit just finished a few minutes ago in Pokljuka, Slovenia. The race was disputed under rain and very harsh skiing conditions and was from start a battle of 2. Emil Egle Svendsen – Norway – won his first race of the season after starting 2nd (just 1 shot missed in the last standing position) and


Biathlon World Cup 3 Women’s Sprint: Gabriela Soukalova Wins!

Women’s sprint of World Cup 3 – Pokljuka, Slovenia – just finished a few moments ago. The race was held and very harsh and snowy conditions. Gabriela Soukalova (Czech Republic) took the win (no shots missed) – the first of her career – with 22:09:8 with an advantage of just 2.1 seconds over Miriam Gossner that missed 2 shots (but


Biathlon – World Cup 3 Men’s Sprint: Jakov Fak Again!

The third event of men’s Sprint World Cup finished a few seconds ago. Home Biathlete, Slovenian Jakov Fak won with 24:41:7 (no shots missed) and will start next Saturday’s Pursuit with an advantage of just 1 second over Emil Egle Svendsen  (2nd in the sprint although missing 1 shot out of 10). Biathlon – Men Pursuit World Cup 2:

Biathlon WC3 Pokljuka

Biathlon – World Cup 3 Schedule and Previews (Pokljuka, Slovenia)

Biathlon’s World Cup 3 starts today at Pokljuka, Slovenia, with the men’s 10K sprint. The current World Cup leader Martin Fourcade will be one of the favourites but local man – Jakov Fak – will certainly do his best to win in his own grounds. Fak was the winner of the last World Cup race (Pursuit, Hochfilzen). Biathlon – Men Pursuit

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Biathlon – Men Pursuit World Cup 2: Slovenian Jakov Fak Rules

Round 2 of men’s Pursuit just finished a few minutes ago in Hockfilzen. Slovenian Jakov Fak won after starting the pursuit in 3rd place and although missing 2 shots. Second place went to Dmitry Malyshko that made a great comeback after starting only in 11th. Last podium spot was taken by Word Cup overall leader Martin Fourcade that kept his yellow


Biathlon – World Cup 2 Hochfilzen, Austria: Men Sprint Summary Results

The second round of the men’s World Cup Sprint just finished a few moments ago in Hochfilzen, Austria. But before the results, very recent and relevant news: German Michael Greis just announced he will put an immediate stop to his career. He took part of round 1, finishing the sprint in 6th and realized, as he said “he was


Biathlon – World Cup 1 Ostersund: Summary Results

The first round of Biathlon’s World Cup ended last December 2nd in Ostersund, Sweden, with two biathletes clearly outstanding from the rest of the pack. In women, Norwegian Tora Berger won all the 3 events (Individual, Sprint and Pursuit) thus recording a total of 180 points in World Cup overall classification (60 points per victory), more 36 than


Biathlon – First Results From World Cup in Ostersund and Upcoming Events

The first two rounds of Biathlon’s first World Cup event were held last Wednesday and yesterday in Ostersund Sweden. Both events were men’s and women’s Individual races. You may want to see our earlier post describing the main features of this type of event:  Biathlon’s Individual Event – What is it and what matters most?