Biathlon World Cup 9 – Khanty-Mansiysk Race Schedule: Glorification for Fourcade and Berger

The last event of 2012/2013 Biathlon’s World Cup will be held in Russia (Khanty-Mansiysk). This is the first time that the last 2 rounds are held in Russian grounds (last week’s event took place at Sochi, where next 2014 Winter Olympics will occur).

Global Cristals for men and women are already decided:

Martin Fourcade (France) has won all the trophies with the exception of the Mass Start that is still reachable by Andreas Birnbacher (Germany). However, Fourcade has a 39 point lead and only if he finishes below 20th we would lose this trophie as well.

Yet, 2nd place in the World Cup Overall is still open between Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norway), Jakov Fak (Slovenia) and local contenders Evgeny Ustyugov and Dmitri Malyshko.

In women, Tora Berger has long assured the Global Crystal with an astonish season (she won half the races) that may see her ending the charts with a new points record (she can surpass 1300 points). She also has ensured the global crystal for all events.

2nd place in the World Cup Overall should go for Darya Domracheva (Belarus) since she has 106 points over 3rd place.

You can check the full calendar and the results as events go on on the table below:

 Date Start time Distance Discipline Category  
14.03. 13:15 7.5 km Sprint Women Start List / Results
15.03. 13:00 10 km Sprint Men Start List / Results
16.03. 11:30 10 km Pursuit Women Start List / Results
16.03. 13:30 12.5 km Pursuit Men Start List / Results
17.03. 10:30 12.5 km Mass Start Women Start List / Results
17.03. 13:30 15 km Mass Start Men Start List / Results

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