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Athletics Women’s Heptathlon – In what it consists and how it works?

The Women’s Heptathlon consists of seven events which shall be held on two consecutive days in the following order: First day: 100m Hurdles; High Jump; Shot Put; 200m. Second day: Long Jump; Javelin Throw; 800m. Like as decathlon, the word heptathlon has its origins in Greek alphabet (Hepta, meaning “seven”) and  (áthlon, meaning “contest”). Each event´s

Athletics Men’s Decathlon – How are each event’s marks converted into points?

In a previous post we have described how the men´s decathlon event proceeds and left the promise of explaining how the different times, distances or heights, accordingly to each event, are converted into points to sum up the total decathlon’s score. Well, so it goes like this. The IAAF discloses a Combined Events Scoring Tables separately for each event.

Athletics Men’s Decathlon – In what it consists and how it works?

The Men’s athletics Decathlon consists of ten events which must be held on two consecutive days in the following order: First day: 100m; Long Jump; Shot Put; High Jump;400m. Second day: 110m Hurdles; Discus Throw; Pole Vault; Javelin Throw; 1500m. The word decathlon has its origins in Greek alphabet (déka, meaning “ten”) and  (áthlon, meaning

Athletics Shot Put and Hammer Throw – Why do women get almost as far as men?

The length of women’s shot put (22.63m) and hammer throw (79.42m) world records do not differ a lot from the ones achieved by men (respectively 23.12m and 86.74m). Are women getting closer to man in strength or something else explains it? The reason why this happens is because the devices used in women events weigh far less

Athletics False Starts – Are there exceptions to the Main Rule?

As previously posted (see “Athletics – False Starts“), since the beginning of 2010 any false start made by an athlete in a sprint event results in his/her immediate disqualification. However, in sprint races integrated in combined events, such as the men’s Decathlon and the women’s Heptathlon, the 2010 rule does not apply. In this type of events the

Athletics – False Starts

Before 2003, an athlete would only be disqualified from a sprint event (those having a distance not superior to 400 metres) if he/she had been sanctioned for two false starts. After 2003 IAAF’s rules changed allowing only for a false start of one athlete. After this false start, any athlete (even one having not infringed the

Athletics Javelin Throw Event – Why there is a ‘new’ and an ‘old’ world records?

While innovation progressed, biomechanic studies showed that former Javelin devices had special aerodynamics properties that enhanced the lenght of throws but also resulted in several ‘flat landing’ and complaints of athletes when the throw was considered invalid by the judges. In that era, the men’s javelin throw World Record reached 104.80 metres and was achieved