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Athletics Women’s Heptathlon – How are each event’s marks converted into points?

In a previous post we have described how the women´s heptathlon event proceeds and left the promise of explaining how the different times, distances or heights, accordingly to each event, are converted into points to sum up the total decathlon’s score. Well, so it goes like this. The IAAF discloses a Combined Events Scoring Tables separately for each

Athletics Women’s Heptathlon – In what it consists and how it works?

The Women’s Heptathlon consists of seven events which shall be held on two consecutive days in the following order: First day: 100m Hurdles; High Jump; Shot Put; 200m. Second day: Long Jump; Javelin Throw; 800m. Like as decathlon, the word heptathlon has its origins in Greek alphabet (Hepta, meaning “seven”) and  (áthlon, meaning “contest”). Each event´s