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Biathlon – Men Pursuit World Cup 2: Slovenian Jakov Fak Rules

Biathlon – Men Pursuit World Cup 2: Slovenian Jakov Fak Rules

Round 2 of men’s Pursuit just finished a few minutes ago in Hockfilzen. Slovenian Jakov Fak won after starting the pursuit in 3rd place and although missing 2 shots. Second place went to Dmitry Malyshko that made a great comeback after starting only in 11th. Last podium spot was taken by Word Cup overall leader Martin Fourcade that kept his yellow

Biathlon – World Cup 2 Hochfilzen, Austria: Men Sprint Summary Results

The second round of the men’s World Cup Sprint just finished a few moments ago in Hochfilzen, Austria. But before the results, very recent and relevant news: German Michael Greis just announced he will put an immediate stop to his career. He took part of round 1, finishing the sprint in 6th and realized, as he said “he was

Alpine Skiing – ‘The Super Combined’

The Super Combined combined event consists of one downhill (or Super-G) and one slalom run. The times are added together and the fastest total time determines the winner. The combined downhill and the combined slalom are contested independently of the regular downhill and slalom events, and the combined courses are shorter than the regular versions. Usually the entire combined event is

Biathlon – World Cup 1 Ostersund: Summary Results

The first round of Biathlon’s World Cup ended last December 2nd in Ostersund, Sweden, with two biathletes clearly outstanding from the rest of the pack. In women, Norwegian Tora Berger won all the 3 events (Individual, Sprint and Pursuit) thus recording a total of 180 points in World Cup overall classification (60 points per victory), more 36 than

Alpine Skiing – ‘The Amazing Super-G Herminator’

Super-G stands for super giant slalom, an event that combines the speed of downhill with the more precise turns of giant slalom. The course is shorter than downhill but longer than a giant slalom course, and includes high-speed turns, jumps and gliding phases. Each skier makes one run down a single course and the fastest time

Super Athletes – Ole Einar Bjoerndalen

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen is a 40-year-old Norwegian biathlete that holds the record of world cup wins (a competition that goes along a season encompassing several events where points are obtained and summed up in the end) considering all winter sports. Bjoerndalen has a total of 95 victories in Biathlon events (accordingly to IBU, the official Biathlon’s regulatory body). He has an additional 31 wins