WorldSportsIntel Day 100! Summary of Some Useful Posts for 2013

World-Sports-IntelligenceGood morning, good evening or good night, wherever you are!

First of all we would like to thank all our resident readers and other ones that keep coming the help you are providing in building this project.

Today we celebrate 100 Days of existence and we have already published 136 posts with the aim of presenting several sports technical aspects, rules, facts and curiousities.

We hope that till now some of the stuff we wrote may have helped you somehow learning a bit more about sports. We also have a lot to learn so we thank you if you have any suggestions and/or corrections to some of the material content we have published.

2013 Major Sports Events Calendar

Formula 1 – FIA announces 2013 calendar changes

Tennis – Calendar for 2013/2014 Major Events

American Football – Full 2012/2013 NFL Calendar

MotoGP – 2013 Race Calendar

FIFA’s 2012 Ballon d’Or and Best Coach: Our Predictions

Where to play golf in Portugal with excellent conditions?

Thank you very much again and we hope we can continue to count with your presence over here!


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