Soccer – Offside Rules in Detail

There are only three cases in which a player that has no opponents in front of him can receive the ball from a teammate’s kick and score without seeing the goal denied by offside.

One is the situation where such player receives the ball while being positioned in its half of the pitch.

The other occurs when the receiving player is not in front of the ball, as is, for example, the case of a corner kick.

And the other one left? A hint: the player may be positioned in the opponent team’s pitch and in front of the ball… Keep in touch and comment this section. We will come up shortly with the answer as well as with other insights about soccer offside rules.

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  1. MrCollina said:

    Third Rule: On a throw in the thrower can send the ball to a Player positioned in the opponent team’s pitch, in front of the ball and with no opponents in front.

  2. FMF said:

    Thank you for commenting MrCollina. Yep, you are right, no offside in the sequence of a throw. But the post mentioned only situations when the player “receive the ball from a teammate’s kick”. So, the answer is still open…

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  4. chateaufiesta said:

    The player is not offside if the ball comes from a goal kick

  5. FMF said:

    Right in the bulls eye Chateaufiesta! You may want to check out the already published post with the answer and some more information. Thank you for commenting.


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